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Join thousands of other leaders and product managers who know what to do and when, by utilising the right tool at the right time!

Most people in product management, and product leadership positions struggle to know what tools to use when in the strategy and discovery phases, let alone confidently leading others!

  • IDoes successfully identifying vision and strategy cause you concern?
  • IAre you confident doing product discovery?
  • IDo you battle with building a high performing team?
  • IDo you know how to get teams to align?
  • IDo you understand how to partner well with a designer?
  • IDoes all this make you feel like an imposter?

At Transformative Visions, we care about your success, so we created a simple, step-by-step process that teaches you how to become a confident product manager, or product leader without the confusion!

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Hi! My name is Sue Bolton.

I am the founder of Transformative Visions, a leadership and product management expert that provides premium coaching, training and consulting services for product managers and leaders, who want to focus on creating great products, and drive results.

I’ve coached and trained hundreds of product managers and leaders over the years, I’ve built products I am proud of and led high performing teams that delivered!

Transformative Visions coaching is direct and compassionate. This approach allows clients to feel heard, grow their skills, and adapt behaviours; therefore, supporting their leadership journey“.

Are you ready to transform the way you — and your organisation — conducts product management, and build exceptional leaders?

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I was fortunate enough to have Sue as both my direct manager and as a coach for four years whilst at Netflix. During that time I got to know her as a visionary leader and a positive coach that brings out the best in her people. She was not only the best manager I ever had, but I also experienced my greatest personal growth during that time as a result of her coaching. I now continue on my growth journey through Transformative Visions, aiming not only for further personal development but also to become a stunning leader, mentor and coach to others, as the next step in my career.

~ Eva MT., Localization Manager – Netflix – Los Angeles CA

Constructive feedback is indeed difficult to give but is truly invaluable. When well-formulated and thoughtfully delivered it can, in my personal experience, be eye-opening and have a substantial impact on the person receiving the feedback. Based on the coaching I’ve received in the past, Sue Bolton, founder of Transformative Visions, I’ve realised how I react in certain situations and how I’m perceived by others in those situations, which I wasn’t aware of. Being aware of my behaviour has allowed me to actively recognise these situations (both professionally and personally) and work on reframing my reactions.

~ Rebecka S., Snr Program Manager – Amazon – Los Angeles, CA

Sue helped me to change my paradigms and beliefs one step at a time. I got coaching from her when there were a lot of uncertainties in my personal and professional life, and I was struggling to stay motivated. She helped me with the accountability approach to create immediate change. Besides that, they guided me to dig deep into my perceptions and beliefs to create long-term change. I’m grateful to have had the coaching and guidance at a time I needed it most.

~ Shirin M., – Director of Analytics – Apple – Boston, MA

Sue was both my manager, and coach and has been an encouraging coach that has always pushed me to my potential. I’ve greatly enjoyed time spent with Sue, and she will always look for ways to uplevel your skills and understanding for your own success. I am thrilled I had this opportunity with her.

~ Melissa S., Product Manager – Netflix – Los Gatos, CA

Coaching with Sue came at a time when there was a lot of growth & change in my role; it helped me to focus on the critical things I needed to and to identify those things I am passionate about. She helped me identify values that were important to me and then to align the work in relationship to those values and to prioritise accordingly. I’m thrilled to have had the coaching at that time.

~ Jacob H., – CEO International – Limelight Alcone, NY, NY

“I was lucky enough to have Sue coach during my initial step into a Localisation manager role, where I wanted to prove that I was worth promoting me to a Director of Localisation role. With Sue’s coaching, not only did I get the promotion, but I also clarified a team vision, roadmap and implemented a team reorg and got through some difficult conversations. Without that coaching, I don’t think I would have reached that director position. Really fabulous to have that support from Sue.

~ Maike P., Localization Director –, San Francisco, CA

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The graceful peacock is an animal which symbolises self-love, transformation, honour, integrity, and the importance of facing life’s challenges, with courage and confidence.

It exudes confidence and is symbolic of change. In addition, it represents transformation, balance, vision, awakening, awareness, and leadership.

The peacock aligns with Transformative Visions’ values. It is our values that create the foundation of our coaching service. From these principles, we help you transform your leadership.