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It doesn't matter who you are – or what you do – you need a vision.

And this is especially true when you’re in a leadership position. 

A vision is a stake in the ground. It sets your direction and keeps you - and others involved with you - aligned and engaged. A vision moves you from inaction into action. 

Your vision supports you as an individual. It also allows you to become an impactful manager when you focus actions and desired results back to a shared vision. 

Whether new to management, or an already established leader, you empower others when they understand what’s expected of them, the direction the team is taking and what they’re responsible for.  When teams view themselves as drivers of solutions, noticeable impacts are seen, and more importantly, can be measured.

When you transform into a stunning leader, it’s possible to align everyone through your vision, mission and values - while creating a culture that promotes growth and targeted outcomes.

If you’re looking to scale your leadership and team effectiveness, while connecting back to your authenticity, our team at Transformative Visions can help.

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Hi! We’re Sue Bolton and Paula Conkey.

We’re the founders of Transformative Visions and we guide others towards identifying a vision and making an impact on the work they are passionate about.

We support individuals, leaders and managers, through the journey of creating their own vision, becoming stunning leaders, aligning teams, enhancing performance and creating results.

Our coaching and courses influence the way people show up in life and how they manage their work. Our approach is compassionate, intentional and direct.  Who we are allows our clients to feel heard, be free to be themselves, to think beyond the ego, and become high-performing effective teams.

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