Coaching and training for managers motivated to become high performers while authentically leading teams that deliver results.

The two met in New York while working at McGraw-Hill. Many strategy sessions later, and practical coaching of teams and leaders across their companies, Transformative Visions became a reality.

We work with:

  • Professionals making the transition from individual contributors to managers who aim to become authentic, heart-led leaders that inspire and deliver results.
  • Teams to identify gaps, create plans, and drive performance.
  • Organizations ready to invest in creating leaders at every level.

At Transformative Visions, we value:


Doing what you said you would and living a life aligned with your values.


Taking actions even when you’re scared and being fully self expressed.


Caring intensely about what you do and the impact on others, while striving for excellence.


Creating new ideas, reconceptualizing issues and simplifying things.


Collaborating with and honoring different views, cultures and backgrounds.


Engaging in actions that impact growth and improvement for others.


Focusing on what is best for the team and others.


Learning and understanding creates an openness to the unknown.


Making wise decisions based on root cause, different perspectives and data.


Listening to understand, concise, articulate, and sharing perspectives openly.

Meet Sue Bolton_1

Meet Sue

Sue Bolton is a passionate, idea-driven, left-brain thinking individual, who loves to make a difference.

Sue worked at both Netflix and Starz, managing large global product, program and operations teams. She led them to success by identifying a vision, upholding a culture, focusing on team performance and coaching them to deliver results. With her direction, they scaled operations, optimized workflows, and were consistently a top performing team. Prior to that, she worked at McGraw Hill Education, leading Ed Tech platform development and heading up the digital strategy across all international markets. 

Headshots - Paula Conkey

Meet Paula

Paula Conkey is a fun, right-brain feeling individual who also loves to make a difference.

She delivers transformative coaching via her private practice. She previously created and implemented talent strategies for start-ups and global firms like Penton Media. She led and inspired teams to successfully enhance employee performance and engagement. Before this, she worked at McGraw-Hill Education, driving talent management initiatives for the Digital Group and Higher Ed.

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