Coaching for individuals in Product who are motivated to become high performers or authentic leaders of high performing teams.

Transformative Visions was created in 2017 by leadership and product management expert Sue Bolton. While working at McGraw Hill in New York, and then at Netflix in California she honed her skills in product management and leadership. Transformative Visions became a reality after extensive strategy, training, and coaching sessions with teams and leaders.

At Transformative Visions, we value:

  • =Professionals making the transition from individual contributors to managers who aim to become authentic, self aware leaders who inspire others and deliver results.
  • =Teams to uplevel their vision, strategy or discovery skills, identify the gaps, create strategic plans, and drive performance in product development.
  • =Organisations ready to invest in creating product leaders at every level.

At Transformative Visions, we value:











Meet Sue

Sue Bolton is a passionate, leadership and product management expert, who loves to make a lasting difference. She has worked in a variety of product management roles and managed large product teams for 20+ years.

She recently worked for Netflix as a Senior Leader, managing a large global PM team. Under her direction, they built innovative products that supported the localisation of both the content & the product, and were consistently a top performing team.

Prior to that, she worked at McGraw Hill Education, on a leading Ed Tech platform and on digital product strategy across various international markets.

She is currently coaching at Service NSW Digital Services group and with various private clients, after moving back to Australia.


  • Professional Certified Coach (ACC), International Coach Federation licence (PCC in progress)
  • Energy Leadership Index® Certified Coach credential
  • iPEC Institute Certified Professional Coach credential
  • AIPC Australian Institute of Professional Coaching credential (In Progress)
  • Masters in Technology Management Swinburne University, Melbourne
  • Graduate Diplomas in Exercise Physiology & Fitness Testing
  • 20+ years of proven Silicon Valley, New York City & Los Angeles leadership, product management and coaching experience with Netflix, McGraw Hill & Lionsgate

Ready to transform and uplevel your skills?


The graceful peacock is an animal which symbolises self-love, transformation, honour, integrity, and the importance of facing life’s challenges, with courage and confidence.

It exudes confidence and is symbolic of change. In addition, it represents transformation, balance, vision, awakening, awareness, and leadership.

The peacock aligns with Transformative Visions’ values. It is our values that create the foundation of our coaching service. From these principles, we help you transform your leadership.