Whether you’re a CEO, a founder of a startup, a product manager, or a mother of two, you should have a vision! A vision is a stake in the ground, it sets your direction, keeps you aligned, and gets you into action. I love this saying “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll likely end up somewhere else.” To me, this speaks of how aimlessly, people wander on about life; bouncing from one thing to the other, without CONSCIOUSLY CREATING their lives!

Identifying your team or organization’s vision is difficult, for so many reasons, some of which we have listed below, but there are many more reasons.

  • Old Negative Messages obscure the vision, e.g., “we don’t have the money for
  • this”.
  • Limiting Beliefs and Attitudes.
  • Omitting first “setup” steps; context & safety.
  • Only using left brain visioning exercises, e.g., data/analytical models
  • Not embracing your passion, your heart.

It’s always wise to use a skilled facilitator. It’s virtually impossible to facilitate the sessions and participate in it at the same time.

You may be asking: how long will the process take? In most cases, with proper preparation on everyone’s part, it can be effectively accomplished in two immersive days of face to face teaching.

Alternatively, we will be offering an online course very shortly, so stay connected.

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