As we embrace the spirit of Easter, a season synonymous with rebirth and the promise of new beginnings, our blog this week takes us into the realms of leadership, coaching, and the profound impact we can have on others by being of service to them as a leader. In the glow of this season, let’s explore the delicate dance between coaching and managing, unlocking the potential within our teams and aligning with my second rule of leadership: “It’s not about you, it’s about OTHERS!”


Coaching is a transformative and collaborative process designed to unlock an individual’s potential and facilitate their journey towards personal and professional growth. Rooted in active listening, strategic open questioning, and constructive feedback, coaching empowers individuals to explore their aspirations, overcome obstacles, and set meaningful goals. Unlike traditional forms of management, coaching focuses on drawing out solutions from within the coachee, rather than the manager telling them the answer or how to do it. This fosters self-discovery, empowerment and accountability. It is a dynamic relationship built on trust and mutual respect, where the coach acts as a guide, catalyst, and motivator, guiding individuals toward their desired outcomes. Through a series of purposeful conversations and goal-setting, coaching creates a supportive environment that propels individuals to leverage their strengths, navigate challenges, and achieve sustainable success in various facets of life.
1. Managing: A Guiding Hand
  • Managers focus on tasks, processes, and ensuring that things run smoothly.
  • It’s akin to tending to the garden, ensuring each flower receives the right amount of water and sunlight.
2. Coaching: Nurturing Potential
  • Coaches delve into the individual growth of team members, fostering their unique potential.
  • Picture a gardener, cultivating an environment where each seedling has the opportunity to flourish.


In the spirit of Easter, we reflect on the significance of selflessness and the beauty of supporting others on their journey. The second rule of leadership encapsulates this sentiment – it’s not about you; it’s about OTHERS! Being of service to others, contributing to their growth, listening to their inner world and needs, has you become a better leader, that builds a culture that is experienced as psychologically safe, thereby enabling others to be their best, most authentic selves.
1. Lighting the Path:
  • Easter signifies a time of illumination, a beacon of hope and light at the end of the tunnel.
  • As leaders, we play a pivotal role in being that guiding light for our team members, helping them navigate their paths, grow and give their best
2. Unleashing Potential:
  • Coaching becomes the instrument through which we unlock the potential within each team member.
  • Just as Easter marks a season of rebirth, coaching empowers individuals to shed old limitations and step into their full potential.
3. The Joy of Nurturing:
  • Similar to the joy of watching flowers bloom, there’s immense satisfaction in witnessing the growth and success of those we coach.
  • The second rule of leadership flourishes as we dedicate ourselves to the growth and well-being of others.
  • Taking the focus off ourselves and placing it on others, opens the door to our own happiness and satisfaction.


1. Active Listening:
  • Tune into the aspirations and challenges of your team, along with each individuals inner life
  • Provide a safe space for them to express their goals and concerns.
  • Use your 1/1’s to do this.
2. Empowerment Through Feedback:
  • Feedback is a gift, you should always offer both kudos and constructive feedback. Individuals growth accelerates with feedback.
  • Offer constructive feedback that empowers rather than discourages. Learn how to do it well
  • Illuminate areas for improvement as stepping stones toward their vision. You need to understand their vision first.
3. Vision-Centric Coaching:
  • Align coaching conversations with the individuals overarching vision.
  • Help individuals see the light at the end of the tunnel as they take steps toward their goals.
  • Use SMART goals and accountability structures to keep them on that path towards their vision
4. Celebrate Growth:
  • In the spirit of Easter joy, celebrate the growth and achievements of your team, business or life with others
  • Create a culture that embraces milestones and recognizes individual successes.


As Easter whispers tales of renewal, let us, as leaders, embrace the art of coaching – an act of selflessness and support that aligns seamlessly with the second rule: “It’s not about you, it’s about OTHERS!” Like a gardener cultivating a vibrant garden, let us nurture the potential within our teams, within our business and within our lives, illuminating the path to success and growth. In this season of rebirth, may our coaching efforts become the light that guides each team member toward the brilliance of their envisioned future.
Happy Easter!
Reach out to me directly if you want some coaching on this for you, your life, career, business or family. I am a licensed coach with 20+ years experience in leadership, in New York, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, London & Sydney.