Leadership Mastery:
The Path to Exceptional Management!

Transformative Visions’ hallmark course is expertly crafted for new leaders; whether they’re new to your company or new to their leadership positions. We empower them to emerge as confident leaders, capable of driving high-performing teams that consistently achieve transformative results.

Leadership Mastery: The Path to Exceptional Management was specifically created for new managers who want to become confident leaders.

After taking this course, you can expect:

  • IKnow yourself as a leader
  • IHave a consistent set of leadership skills and behaviours
  • IPerformance manage your team
  • IBuild strong stakeholder relationships
  • ILead with a Vision

We walk you through our four-step learning framework:

1. Getting Clear
1. Getting Clear

You have taken the leap and made the transition into management.

Understand what makes a good manager, what mindset is, what new roles you will have to wrangle with and learn and understand how to assess your team, so you can manage them in a way that works for them. Overcome fears and limiting beliefs around being a manager.

2. Leading From The Heart
2. Leading From The Heart

To be a great manager, you have to know yourself completely.

Confront your inner critic who tells you that you aren’t good enough to be one. Understand emotional intelligence.

Learn how adjusting your thoughts will impact the decisions you make and the communications you have.

3. Vision & Alignment
3. Vision & Alignment

Run a vision workshop.

Learn how to run a vision workshop with your team, to align your teams, to identify priorities, to help plan work strategically and cohesively

4. Managing Your Team
4. Managing Your Team

Determine the difference between coaching and feedback.

Learn about conflict modes, negotiation, how to motivate others, delegation, career planning, performance, communication, budgets, etc.

These are the hard skills of managing people.


Leadership Mastery: The Path to Exceptional Management!

was created for people just like you.

Are you ready to become a confident leader?

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The graceful peacock is an animal which symbolises self-love, transformation, honour, integrity, and the importance of facing life’s challenges, with courage and confidence.

It exudes confidence and is symbolic of change. In addition, it represents transformation, balance, vision, awakening, awareness, and leadership.

The peacock aligns with Transformative Visions’ values. It is our values that create the foundation of our coaching service. From these principles, we help you transform your leadership.