Investing in Coaching – How it Pays Off for Leaders

Introduction Great Talent can make, or break a team, business unit, or an organization. Knowing this, we take time to interview, select, and hire the talent we need. We should also invest in retaining, engaging, and coaching the talent we employ. Did you know that...

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Managers and Influence

For most companies, the idea of growing is exciting. There’s also nothing more dangerous to the founding tenets. That may sound odd, so let me explain. The faster or larger a company grows, the more there is to coordinate, manage and control.  This is a stage of...

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Being a Manager is REWARDING!

On your way to becoming a people manager, or you’re already one?  You’ve probably heard a lot about the various challenges many managers face every day.  Good news, we’re not going to focus on these today.  We’re looking at why being a manager is...

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6 Misconceptions for New Managers

New managers sooner or later, discover that their role is even harder than they anticipated. They are surprised to learn that the skills and tasks required for success as an individual contributor and those required for success as a manager - are vastly different....

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BEING a Manager

Moving into a management role requires a focus on building relationships with your team.  A manager and their relationships with the team, are a critical aspect of the day to day.  When these relationships function with mutual respect and honesty,...

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Building a Team

As a team manager, you would be very aware of the fact that the output resulting from a group effort is always more impactful than any action taken by an individual contributor. That said, does a group of people equal a team? The answer is a definite NO!  Let’s...

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Sharing Feedback

It’s easy to judge, criticize and share an opinion about a person, or their work with others, but harder to share that directly with the person involved.  Ask any manager about their experience giving constructive feedback to team members, or other colleagues and...

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Has Your Brain been Hijacked

Emotions can derail even our well thought out plans. Have you ever experienced that feeling of brain fog, or loss of your key thoughts right before a presentation or an important meeting? Your left wondering how this could've happened, even if you were well rehearsed...

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Why Mindset is Important

The single most important factor influencing a person's success, whether personal or professional, is their mindset. What you think about consistently and how you think about something (your perspective), has a direct impact on your behavior and therefore reality, and...

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