On your way to becoming a people manager, or you’re already one?  You’ve probably heard a lot about the various challenges many managers face every day.  Good news, we’re not going to focus on these today.  We’re looking at why being a manager is rewarding! 

Leading others can be incredibly rewarding. When you’re a STUNNING leader, the journey includes many positive impacts for you, your team and the organization. 

Below are just five of the potential rewards of being a manager.

  1. Use your existing knowledge and learn additional skills:

Whether you moved into management by default, or were promoted to management due to your performance; your company now looks to you to leverage your current skills and knowledge AND has given you the opportunity to broaden that skill set with people management, thereby having a bigger impact on the results achieved by the organization.  Imagine your current and new skills helping you secure an increase in sales, reduce inefficiencies, find cost savings, scale operations, or improve product performance.   This is definitely a vote of confidence from your organization.  What a great feeling, knowing they trust you. 

  1. Influence the workplace culture:

Culture is something many human resource professionals and leaders struggle to truly define.      It’s a mix of what we create, the conversations we have, our behaviors and what we tolerate.  It’s composed of the people we aspire to be and those we complain about.  It’s our limited beliefs and assumptions.  Most managers don’t give this much thought. A stunning manager deliberately builds culture, starting with identifying a vision and mission. From there, they identify values that are important and inline with the brand and translate those to mindsets, or behaviors for the organization. This is then used to coach the team, building a performance culture. You could be the lead on creating positive change for the organization, which is deeply satisfying.

  1. Impact success on many levels:

Things are different now.  Instead of defining success by what you personally accomplished success becomes about the collective whole; the team and their results.  You can outline and create measures of success. 

Your vision, coaching, and constructive feedback helps your team align and work towards their goals cohesively.  By defining values as behaviors, you can now coach your teams’ performance. A stunning manager is also involved in the hiring of talent, building a strong team where skills combine to support each other’s strengths and fill gaps.  You also champion your team and celebrate the wins.  As a stunning manager, you empower your team which helps them grow, as a result, they depend on you less for making decisions and they take the lead.  You get the satisfaction of directing then watching them take actions that support the business and the organization goals.  This is incredibly rewarding.

  1. Develop strategy then execute:

This is the part where you create the future. Now that you have a vision, mission, values, the next step is to identify key strategies that will allow you to deliver on that vision. Strategy building begins when you see opportunities, anticipate challenges, identify gaps to success, or threats to the business. You’re also looking into what’s next – what’s possible – what are the competitors doing – what are you doing better – what the customers or clients want from you now and will need in the future.  You then turn your ideas, themes, problems, opportunities into 3-5 key strategies. Personally I think 3 is plenty, too many it becomes hard to manage them all, although I have seen some do up to 5 key strategies. Delivering measurable results on strategies that move the dial for the company and deliver on the vision, is deeply rewarding.

  1. Remove unconscious meaning:

We all have a lens from which we view the world.  We add and choose the meaning of things, interpreting what is said;  words and actions, and run it through our lens, through which we look at the world at.  Words have meaning to us; therefore, assumptions and biases exist.  Great managers are aware of this and work to place perspective on things. They focus on finding the words to celebrate victories, recover from setbacks, create excitement, or deliver feedback in ways that leave another inspired to take action, or change their own behavior.  They calm worries, take action to unblock things and or manage up as appropriate.  They create a safe space for people to share, to speak up and be authentic.  

As a stunning manager, your team looks to you to frame and reframe things with logic; to be the voice of reason and share unbiased perspectives.  You encourage and lead your team to being their best self and push for high performance across the team. Building that sort of team, is one of the most rewarding things ever!!!

There’s many advantages to being the manager.  Choosing to be a stunning leader vs. an ordinary manager is possible.  Transformative Visions can help get you there, and more. Reach out now!!